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couple in engagement photo session posing with their dog

Your dog is basically your baby — you let them sleep in your bed, have an entire album of them on your phone, you celebrate their birthday, and couldn’t imagine any part of your life without them. So naturally, you want them included in your engagement photos.

Photographing your pup is never easy; getting them to make eye contact with the camera is sometimes a Herculean feat, as anyone who has ever tried to Instagram their dog can attest. In my experience, dogs only look at the camera for a short amount of time before they are ‘over it’ and get bored. It’s hard work to capture that perfect photo…but that’s not to say it can’t be done.

Here are some tips I’ve learned over the years that will help us have the best engagement photos with your fur baby PLUS some adorable inspiration photos.

couple posing with dog near truck

It’s VERY IMPORTANT to let your photographer know that you want to include your pet in your photos. It’s also fun to talk about creative ideas to include your sweet pooch.

engagement photoshoot with couple and their two dogs

This is crucial…. particularly when you’ll need your pet to sit still or lay down to pose for a photo. Give them treats to incentivize good behavior or when they’re looking like they need a pick-me-up. You can bring “treats” for your fiancé too LOL 🙂

enaged couple with their two dogs
engagement photosession with family dog

It’s helpful when you dog has someone to look at or call their name while the photographer is shooting. After we get the photos we need of your pooch, the friend/family member can watch the dog while we finish our session.

engaged couple kissing their pup
adorable photo collage of engagement session with a dog

A pretty collar, scarf, bandana, or leash will really add class and creativity to your photos. If your sweet pooch needs to stay on a leash…I recommend matching the leash to your our outfits. Other ideas may be a bow tie collar or floral wreath collar dressed up with flowers and greenery that match your theme.

collage of engaged couple posing with their pet poodle

Your doggy will be much happier if he or she isn’t starving for food! Feed your fiancé before the shoot too LOL 🙂

I recommend giving them a drink AFTER you’re done with their photos. That way they don’t soak you and your outfits with their wet mouths.

outdoor engagement session with Huskies

If you’re going to have your dog groomed, do it five days before. If you do it any closer to the day of the shoot, they’ll likely still be shedding. You want to be in the moment having fun, not worrying about dog hair. >>> I’ll bring a lint roller just in case 🙂