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outdoor family photo

Finally … Love the way you look in your photos

Each year brings new blessings and changes that are special to your family. I want to help you celebrate those years with beautiful photos and quality products you can cherish forever. I’ll provide knowledge on what to wear, introduce you to my Style Team for your hair & makeup, discus location possibilities, and vanquish any “what if’s” you have.

Sixteen years of being behind the lens has made me a posing professional and an extreme perfectionist! You won’t have awkward uncomfortable poses. Your hair will be placed beautifully, hands will have a loving place to land, and my fun personality will help bring out genuine smiles for everyone.

At our Viewing/Ordering Session…I’ll help you design a beautiful wall gallery with my Virtual Room Design, help choose gifts for family, and find a perfect photo for your Christmas cards.

Before and after of bare wall with framed family photos

family photo session with children

How to use your family Photos

Wall Art – Gifts – Wooden Prints – Albums – Christmas Cards

wall art, wooden prints, photo albums and Christmas cards collage

*Photos & products are an additional cost from session fee
  • $300     2-hour session
  • Perfect for extended family photos
  • We’ll create an organized Family Photo Shot list so we don’t miss anyone

  • $175     1-hour session
  • Perfect for single families with under 8 people

  • No Restrictive photo collections here.
  • You have the freedom to take home exactly what you need because you can Create Your Own Photo Collection (beginning at $900)

Love what you see

Learn what we’ll experience together before, during, and after the session….and what quality products I offer to decorate your home with.

happy family photo session in front of a rustic, old truck