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How to avoid outfit disasters for your family photos

Family photo collage by Crockette's Images

While I might look back in twenty years and think, “what was I wearing?” I don’t want to look back next year and think it. Keep your outfit choices to classic & timeless pieces! A pair of dark wash jeans and a sweater, a nice dress, a cute top and cardigan are all great options!

Outdoor family photo

I love a bold print as much as the next girl, but family photos aren’t a fashion shoot. You want your beautiful faces to be the focal point. Going with solids also helps you tie in a fun element like the plaid blanket scarf!

Family photo session by Crockette's Images

Remember when everyone used to do the matching khaki pants and white top photos? Instead pick a color scheme and try to have everyone stick to it.

Family sitting on the grass for a family photo

It’s important that you choose a color scheme that matched the theme of your home. That way your photos are a beautiful accent piece above our fireplace, couch, or dining room. Most people choose a color scheme that includes navy. That pretty much matches everything else you’d want to pair with it.

photo collage of framed photos by Crockette's Images

It can be too overwhelming to try and think of four coordinating outfits off the top of your head, so start small. Start with your outfit first. Then go through your man’s closet….then work on the kids. If you have an outfit you’re dying to wear. Use it! Then build everyone else around you within your color scheme! Once you think you have it organized…lay everything out on the bed together so you can visualize how it will look.

Outdoor family photo session in the woods

And one last tip because I can’t help myself: play with texture! Mix cable knit sweaters with other knits. Try lace and denim. Throw in some suede or leather! You can even mix different plaids together as long as they don’t scream too loud. And of course, have fun!

Happy family smiling for a photo shoot

Family photo of outfit ideas with blues and jeans
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Family photo outfit ideas with maroon with dark blue
Family photo outfit ideas in green and blue
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Family photo outfit ideas
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Cute family outfits
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