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nothing to wear for your engagement photos?

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Not sure what to wear for your engagement photos? I’ve got ya covered. We’ve all been there staring at our closet full of clothes not knowing what to wear, but then you add on the layer of engagement photos and suddenly you’ve tried on practically everything you own and nothing seems to be quite right. Well here are my top 5 tips on figuring out the perfect look for your engagement photos. I recommend bringing two outfits so you have some variety, but not TOO many so you’re not spending half of the session changing in and out of clothes.

1. Think of the location

Think about what colors will go well with where you’ll be having your engagement session and the overall vibe. If you’re going to be taking a lot of photos with say a fall background, maybe look at some blue dresses or if you’re going to take photos surrounded by a lot of greenery a pop of black, maroon, or rust would make you and your man stand out. This will create some great synergy between the landscape and your outfits and the photos will come to life! I can certainly offer color suggestions depending on where we go.

2. Choose outfits you feel comfortable and confident

Wearing an outfit that feels like you will give you confidence, and excitement to share your photos. Many people can find themselves a bit nervous when stepping in front of the camera and you want to feel confident and like yourself. Sounds obvious, right, until we see a dress we love online and try our hardest to make it work!

3. Coordinate outfits without twinning.

Not that I have anything against those matchy-matchy jeans and white shirt outfits (LOL), but trust us, you really don’t want that vibe. Find complementing colors that go well together but don’t look like you bought a matching set. Though I do kind of love idea for a Christmas cards…as long as there is a matching sweater for the dog too!

4. Dress up!

I don’t know about you, but there aren’t a whole lot of reasons to get all dressed up. So be sure to treat your self here! Get your nails done, get that blow out you’ve been thinking about and go buy those gorgeous heels you’ve been eyeing forever. This is such a precious time in your life so go live it up! This is officially your permission to go all out for these GORGEOUS photos that you paid good money for. Don’t skimp out here. You won’t regret it.

5. Choose outfits and a location that flow with your lifestyle

By now you probably hired a photographer that you love, so chances are his/her suggestions for shoot locations would align with your lifestyle and aesthetics. If you’re sourcing and pinning your heart out on engagement session ideas though, take into consideration if it’s something that reflects who you are. Those mountaintop shots are dreamy, but are you willing to hike 10 miles to get there?

Now that you’re thinking about what to wear, let me hit ya with some gorgeous engagement photo inspiration with this stunning classy country couple in Cape Girardeau.